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Titulo Marble Notebook
This marble notebook born from my desire to bring together marbling and letterpress techniques to the grafolita® collection. From an original handmade marbled sheet a small clip was transfered to a letterpress plate used for printing the covers of the new notebooks. This way you can not only see but also feel the marble texture on the paper.

This is a beautiful notebook that everyone will be proud to carrie around. It can be used as a daily planner, travel journal, or simply to keep your notes.

The cover is letterpress printed. The first interior sheet is a different color and the linen stitched matches the cover color.

Cover Style: 350g/m2 Cardboard Cover;
Format: A5 & A6;
Pages: 46 plain pages;
Paper: 90g/m2, recycle and acid-free paper;
Size: 15 x 21 cm (approx.) & 10.5 x 15 cm (approx.).

Seven colors
Plain pages on recycle
and acid-free paper, sticthed and matching the color of the cover.
Each notebook have a different first interior sheet color.
Front and back covers emboss
by letterpress.
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